About The Author
As a native of Sacramento County, California, Lance
Armstrong has had a lifelong interest in the rich history of this

A graduate of California State University, Sacramento with
degrees in journalism and music, he has spent many years
researching local histories and collecting historical
documents and artifacts from throughout the county.

In 2001, as editor of the monthly community newspapers,
Sacramento Downtown News, Sacramento Midtown News
Old Sacramento News, Lance began to present his
historical findings to the public through his regular history
articles in these publications.

Two years later, as Lifestyle Editor of the
Elk Grove Citizen, he
continued his efforts to report his historical findings – this
time with a concentration on the history of Elk Grove.
It was through his monthly history series in this publication
that the idea for this book was born.

In addition to his interest in Sacramento County history,
Lance, who is currently a staff writer for four Valley
Community Newspapers publications
, is a dedicated musician
and an avid music memorabilia collector, with an emphasis on
concert posters and LP records, ranging in genres from rock
and blues to jazz and country.
"It is important to me to preserve local histories for the enjoyment and benefit of present and future generations.
With an understanding of the past, we can better understand and shape our future. And in a more simplistic manner,
for me, it is just a lot of fun to learn about the lives of those who walked the same land that we walk today and to
share these histories with others."

--- Lance Armstrong