Echoes of Yesterday
“Echoes of Yesterday: Elk Grove, An Inside View of
Historic Sites” by Lance Armstrong is a 374-page, 38-
chapter book with more than 1,200 photographs and
original artwork by Elk Grove area artists.

It is a collection of historical information that
Armstrong compiled
and detailed into his writings
through many hours of interviews and the research of
historical records.

The book, which covers the history of Elk Grove from
its mid-19th century beginnings through the early part
of the 20th century, features stories of many of the
area’s sites and the lives of its residents, both past
and present.

These histories
focus on many topics, including the
1850s story of James Hall, the founder of Elk Grove,
the Elk Grove Library, Elk Grove High School, the Elk
Grove Fire Department, Elk Grove Park, Bob’s Club,
Foulks Ranch, Derr Lumber, Elk Grove Cemeteries,
Carl Amundson’s Movie Theaters, the Elk Grove
Airport, EG Food Mart, Colton Ranch, Mosher Ranch,
the Pizza Barn, the Odd Fellows Building, the Hasman
Building, Williamson Ranch, and the Y-Not Club.

The dream for this book began and ended as a labor
of love to preserve the rich history of this section of
Sacramento County – a history that was fading so fast
that for many longtime residents it nearly seemed
overnight that their rural, agricultural town of about
50,000 in about 1990 became transformed through
development and recognized by major newspapers
throughout the nation as the fastest growing city in
the United States, from July 1, 2004 to July 1, 2005.

Today, the city’s populati
on exceeds more than
74,000 residents.

Although many historical acounts of Elk Grove, which
became an incorporated city on July 1, 2000, have
been lost forever, th
is historical information gathered
together and documented in this book
has increasing
importance with each passing day.
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