The History of Elk Grove (Sacramento County) California



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Winner of the
American Authors
Association's Golden
Quill Award for
Regional History
“I have reviewed dozens of local history books from around the country in the
last decade, but I have found none done better than this book.  It is local
history, but it is really about American social and cultural history and that
makes good reading no matter where you live. He has created a book that even
those who do not live near Elk Grove will enjoy reading.  The book is a
treasure chest of information. It is well written and the old photos really
capture a Norman Rockwell-like kind of past.  I enjoyed it greatly and I know
others will, as well. I give this book five stars.”

    --- W.H. McDonald, Jr., founder of the American Authors Association

“I reviewed other local history books this year, but (Echoes of Yesterday: Elk
) certainly proved to be in a league of its own.”

    --- Maria Edwards, president of the American Authors Association

"Born 67 years ago in Elk Grove and still getting up each morning to see the
changes that are transforming this once small community into a large
metropolitan city, I take great comfort in reading history books and working
with the Elk Grove Historical Society to preserve our history. I had the
privilege of working with Lance Armstrong on his 'Echoes of Yesterday' book
and have read every page twice and can say that he has captured our history
with old photos and quotes from old-time residents, plus just good research.
Somehow I have to influence him to write another book, as there are more
stories to tell and history to write. This is a very enjoyable book and easy
reading. Lance had the ability to work with so many of the town folks and
garner their corporation to gather photos and stories that he has assembled Elk
Grove’s history in his book, 'Echoes of Yesterday.' ”

 --- Jim Entrican, past president of the Elk Grove Historical Society

"A very thorough and carefully researched book on the history of Elk Grove.  
Done with such passion, it makes you want to take the time to walk through
Old Town and look again at the buildings. Written so well that it can be
enjoyed not only by the avid historian, but the casual reader, as well."

 --- Anita Peters, past president of the Elk Grove Historical Society